Square Cube offers Consulting and Coaching services to individuals and organizations. We work mainly with clients concerned about maximizing their social and community impact. 

You have arrived at Square Cube through your commitment to increase your positive social impact.  As a non-profit this may be to evaluate some of the programs and services you offer, and as a business it may be to undertake some more meaningful community engagement.  As an individual you may have arrived here to launch or upscale your compassion or social entrepreneurship project.

Square Cube's role is helping you birth, refine and develop your ideas and programs; to facilitate your desire to ratchet up your social impact, be that your total mission, the corporate social responsibility element of your organization or a career step you want to take as an individual.

There are common themes to the consultancy and coaching services we provide. These are:

  • A concern with maximizing your positive social impact and developing with you the means to judge this
  • Working with you to explore the multiple opportunities that engaging in reviewing and developing your positive social impact may have in developing added value for your organization and the work that you do

Our services vary by sector, but our commitment to ensuring you attain your greatest positive social impact does not. 

This Square Cube Site

We hope you find Square Cube interesting.  We offer a page for each potential client: businesses, not for profit organizations and individuals.  On each dedicated page you will find an outline of possible services, but please ask if there is anything you would like, but cannot find.

There are two pages, Square Cube Pairings and Leaders for Good which are a synthesis of some of our thinking and work.

Leaders for Good explores some of the coaching and workshop opportunities that support developing alternatives styles and approaches to leadership.  These offerings can be used by anyone or any organization interested in developing Leaders for Good.

Square Cube Pairings outlines some novel and curated opportunities for facilitated, supported and impact generating engagement by bringing together, for a specific project, partners from different sectors.  The focus here is on solution seeking, growth, added value and values based social engagement work.

By working across business and non profit sectors and with individuals on the single theme of social impact for good Square Cube has the opportunity to meet many different individuals and organizations and so can create meaningful introductions.

Contacting Square Cube